N Brown brings in an extra £2m in three months with personalisation

Online retailer N Brown, which operates brands including JD Williams, SimplyBe and Jacamo, has experienced a 12 per cent uplift in new visitor conversion in just three months thanks optimising and personalising its social proof product messages, carried out with eCommerce software platforms Monetate and Taggstar. The retailer has also generated an additional £2m in additional revenue using Taggstar alone, boosting conversion rates on SimplyBe by up to 2.7 per cent.

The online retailer has been using the advanced testing, segmentation and geolocation capabilities of Monetate to tailor the real-time Taggstar messages it delivers for each of its brands. Taggstar’s social proof software pulls crowd-sourced real-time data about product popularity and other trends, based on the browsing history of customers, then delivers this information to consumers.

Using Monetate’s segmentation and personalisation tool, N Brown can change the look and feel of the Taggstar messages, personalising them for different customer groups based on factors like gender, whether the customer is new or returning, and if they are buying a one-off item. Through A/B testing, these optimised messages have been proven to increase engagement and sales, and reduce basket abandonment.

“It’s very easy to change the Taggstar experience for our different brands,” said Paul Hackett, UX testing & optimisation manager at N Brown Group. “A simple JavaScript, applied via Monetate, allows us to adapt the look and feel of Taggstar messages to suit our different customer segments. Taggstar helped us to define the best message combinations, and that’s pushed our results to add another 12 per cent to SimplyBe new visitor conversion rates.”