Nandos launches ‘This Must Be The Place’ brand platform and sonic logo

Nando’s has launched ‘This Must Be The Place’, a new brand platform and campaign that celebrates the uniqueness of the Nando’s experience and includes the brand’s first ever sonic logo.  

The focus of the campaign is a film by Jonathan Entwistle, who uses the voice of the narrator Eddie, to talk his mates through a memorable night at Nando’s. The film plays out scenarios synonymous with the chicken chain that viewers can relate to. The film sees cameos from some of Nando’s famous fans, including England footballer Bukayo Saka, Instagram star Grime Gran, TikTok chef LetsMunch, and rapper, Niko B.  

Nando’s new sonic logo is inspired by the brand’s Southern African heritage and the ‘Afro-Luso’ music playlists it uses in its restaurants. The new sound will inform all brand touch points, including the in-restaurant experience, advertising and internal communications.  

This Must Be The Place will be amplified across NandosUK social channels with users able to share their favourite Nando’s stories for a chance to win an array of prizes and experiences throughout the year. The campaign will roll out in restaurants through digital takeovers, and each restaurant and employee will be invited to take part in the campaign too. It will also run across TV, BVOD, Cinema, OOH and radio.

“We’re excited to launch This Must Be The Place – our new creative platform that will inform all brand activity moving forwards,” said Nando’s Head of Brand, Hannah Smith. “We’re so proud to be able to offer such a unique experience as a restaurant – whether it’s trying a new spice on the Peri-ometer or telling your mates about a first date you had – everyone has a Nando’s story, and that’s what This Must Be The Place represents. It’s a message that we will be championing throughout the business, and we have a heap of activity planned throughout the year.”