Nandos Revamps App, Loyalty Scheme

Nando’s has revamped its app, in support of the launch of its Nandos Card loyalty scheme.

The restaurant chain is phasing out its previous paper-based rewards system in favour of a card, which can be registered via the app. Users will soon also be able to check their balance using the apps Chilli Wheel feature.

As well as a UI makeover, the updated app has added a range of new features, including a restaurant finder and calorie counter, as well as a scribble pad for taking down large food orders before going to the counter. 

Richard Britton, CEO at CloudSense, believes the move will benefits both Nando’s customers and the business itself.

“A paper-card based system does not gather data on customers but the data Nando’s now captures from customer interactions will allow the business to offer more tailored deals, as well as giving it a greater understanding of customer preferences,” says Britton. “For customers, the cards will result in a wider range of loyalty rewards and the ability to track their loyalty through a mobile app.

“This move highlights the need for brands and business to constantly reassess how they look to manage customer loyalty. In many cases, existing approaches need a refresh, with modern programmes needing to harness all the digital information available from purchases, social media and mobile apps to reinforce customers’ relationships with the brand. Loyalty is still vital to business, but it needs to move with the times to be more social, mobile and, ultimately, more effective.”