Nanu Takes on Skype With Free Calls Over 2G

nanu completeVoice app Nanu has launched, promising to revolutionise the telecom industry by offering free calls over any network, including 2G.

Unlike conventional VoIP apps like Skype and Viber which require high bandwidth 3 or 4G environments or a wi-fi connection, Nanu claims to work over 2G networks, which still dominate rural areas and emerging markets.

In addition, Nanu provides free calls to any number, including non-Nanu users and landlines. The app is monetised through short adverts that play over the ringtone while users are waiting for calls to be picked up. This revenue allows the cost of calls to be subsidised, and therefore offered for free.

“We all know you can make free phone calls from your PC or mobile using existing apps such as Skype, Viber, Line etc. Bust existing apps have two major problems,” said Martin Nygate, founder and CEO of Nanu. “First, they arent very reliable, especially in a poor cellular network environment. They struggle in congested 3G networks and just dont work in 2G. Second, you can only call app-to-app for free. App-to-non app calls such as calls to landlines cost money.

“Telcos have been exploiting this for years by charging high roaming charges. We believe everyone around the world has a right to make free phone calls. And we can make this a reality if everyone joins our mission so that eventually we can offer unlimited free calls, anywhere.”