National Rail Launches iPhone Journey Planner

National Rail Enquiries and Agant have launched an application that enables iPhone and iPod Touch users to access real-time rail journey planning information across the national rail network.
The National Rail Enquiries for iPhone application uses the devices inbuilt GPS to find the users nearest station anywhere in Great Britain. The Next Train Home feature then plans the best route home to the users destination.
The app also has a Journey Planner search function, which allows users to save regular journeys for quick planning. Users can also save favourite stations for one-touch access to departure and arrival information using the Live Departures & Arrivals function. The application is available from Apples iTunes App Store for 4.99. New functionality will be added in later versions, and all upgrades are free.
This is the equivalent of SatNav for passenger rail; it enables you to find your nearest station and plan your journey home at the touch of a screen, says National Rail Enquiries Web Development Manager, Ra Wilson.
National Rail Enquiries says it is committed to developing new services to make travel and journey planning easier. In April, it will launch a complementary service that will enable Microsoft Outlook users to plan journeys within Outlook using a meeting invitation as the basis for their journey.
Theres more information here.