WATCH: Nationwide commits to keeping high-street branches open with help from Chesney Hawkes

Nationwide has unveiled a new campaign highlighting its commitment to keeping high-street branches open with the help from 90s pop star Chesney Hawkes.

The campaign, created with media agency Wavemaker, New Commercial Arts (NCA) and Hatch features the a branch concert by the Windsor-born pop star Chesney Hawkes, best know for his hit “One and Only”.

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The move follows the building society’s rebrand last year claiming to be the protector of the high street as it pledged to keep all branches open until at least 2026, whilst other banks closes its doors.

According to Nationwide, it is the other “The One and Only” in Windsor alone, after HSBC and Barclays both closed their doors last year.

Hawkes said: “I was born here in Windsor and grew up in the area, so when Nationwide got in touch, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the campaign.

“There’s obviously the tongue-in-cheek connection to The One and Only which we’ve had some fun with, but it’s great to be a part of something that will truly benefit the local community for years to come.”

Nationwide, Director of Retail Services, Mandy Beech, added: “We know that, for many, a physical branch is about more than just accessing money – it’s about that feeling of community, belonging, and having a friendly team of faces who are there to support you. This is why we still believe branches are important and why we have promised to keep them open.”