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Native Ads Outperform Other Mobile Ad Units

Tyrone Stewart

AdsNative.pngNative ads generated a click-through rate 30-40 per cent higher than other mobile user acquisition campaigns, according to research by YouAppi.

The research, based on hundreds of mobile user acquisition campaigns in 2016, also found that the conversion rates achieved by native campaigns were double those of other mobile campaigns.

"Native ads are providing a win-win opportunity for all players in the mobile ecosystem," said Leo Giel, YouAppi's CRO. "Mobile apps and publishers are generating more revenue thanks to higher engagement rates and cost per action, while app marketers are also benefitting from better conversion rates."

YouAppi puts this difference down to three factors. First, mobile app and web design has standardised and accepted design guidelines – making it possible to run the same creative across multiple app and websites with minimal customisation. Second, native advertising has seen improved performance and, as a result, publishers are more open to going native due to greater revenue per ad unit they provide. Finally, there is more content readily available in native ad format with the growth of content marketing.

VP media management at YouAppi Julie Ben-Nun said: "Over the last three years, we've seen a tremendous increase in the acceptance of native ads on the part of publishers, while our app marketing clients can now run the same or moderately customized creative ad units across tens of apps and mobile websites.”