Native to Make Up 63 Per Cent of Mobile Display Ads by 2020 (Infographic)

Native ads will account for 63.2 per cent of mobile display by 2020, up from 51.8 per cent last year.

Thats according to an IHS study commissioned by Facebook Audience Network, which predicts spend on native ads in 2020 to reach $53.4bn (£36.7bn).

This growth will be driven by third party in-app native ads – the area, of course, that Audience Network specialises in – which are expected to grow spend by an average 70.7 per cent annually over the period, well ahead of the 25.3 per cent growth of mobile display overall.

If you want more on these predictions, in an easy-to-digest format, check out the infographic below.

Facebook Native Ad Infographic