NativeX Launches Ad Unit for Direct In-App Purchases

NativeXNativeX has launched a mobile ad format for iOS and Android games which deep-links directly to the games store to encourage players to make in-app purchases.

Users will also have the option to engage with the ad to earn game currency, which provides publishers with a dual monetisation model, where they can earn revenue either from advertisers or direct from consumers.


The units can be set to appear at particular contextual points in the game, for example when a player has failed a level a number of times and might be looking to buy additional help.

“Across all forms of media – television, print, radio, Web, and mobile – either advertisers or consumers pay for content,” said Robert Weber, NativeX co-founder and SVP of business development. “We are confident this new format will not only drive more consumer revenue, but will enable developers to treat each player individually, whether they are customers who pay or non-paying players who prefer an ad-sponsored experience.”

NativeX reports that in early customer trials, 10 per cent of players shown the new deep linking ad format clicked through to in-app stores.