Navigate Google Play with Help from Your Friends

Google PeopleGoogle has added a new discovery function to Google Play thats driven by the friends you have on Google+.

The People section curates recommendations based on what your friends are downloading, rating, talking about and using. The assumption is that people like taking unbiased recommendations from friends but Google+ also enables you to follow well-known faces and brands too.

The feature doesnt just count for apps and could help you find book, movie or album recommendations using the converations your friends are having. With apps, you can see how positively your friends have rated them.

This clearly isnt just a way to help people navigate the vast Play store, but is also a vain attempt to get people using Googles social network. Unfortunately the fact that Google+ isnt well-used by everyone, particularly those who have only been roped in as Google tries to align its online properties, means your friends might not have much to say.