NAVTEQ Campaign Delivers 20 Per Cent Clickthrough rate

NAVTEQ, the global provider of maps, traffic and location data, has released the early results of a location-aware mobile ad services campaign in the UK for O2 events venues.

The O2 campaign offers consumers the chance to win free concert tickets to a local concert or special event. NAVTEQ LocationPoint, in conjunction with Ovi Maps, delivered location-aware ads to Nokia smartphone users as they approached one of more than a dozen O2 concert venues throughout the UK. Campaign results show an initial clickthrough rate of 20 per cent. Of those, 40 per cent visited the mobile website to register to win, or clicked on a map showing the venue location, while 16 per cent requested an Ovi Map to help them get to the venue.

Available in the US and across Europe, NAVTEQ LocationPoint Advertising leverages NAVTEQ’s location content and capabilities to pinpoint where mobile consumers are, deliver ads with a call-to-action within close proximity to advertised points of purchase, and guide them to the merchant’s doorstep. Built-in calls-to-action, including click to map and click to web, drive traffic to advertised locations and, says NAVTEQ, make the network unique.

“NAVTEQ lets advertisers intelligently tap into the rich potential of mobile for branding and advertising,” says David Barker, NAVTEQ director, ad sales, Europe and Africa. “NAVTEQ’s LocationPoint advertising services is the solution that allows big destinations like O2 to drive consumers to their doors, and do it in ways that can be measured to show proof of return on investment.”