Nearly Half of a 16GB Galaxy S4s Storage Unavailable to Users

Following the launch of the Galaxy S4 last week, Samsungs flagship smartphone has come under criticism for the amount of space taken up by its heavily modified version of Android.

Combined with the apps which come preloaded on the device, the OS takes up 6.9GB of its storage space – in the case of the 16GB, meaning nearly half of the advertised storage is unavailable to the user.

When we reached out to Samsung for comment, a spokesperson pointed out that this is only 1GB more than was taken up on the Galaxy S3. According to Samsung, the extra size is necessary “in order to provide high resolution display and more powerful features to our consumers”.

The manufacturer does concede that this might be an issue for users, however, and suggests that users might want to use the devices micro-SD slot to expand their storage. However, its worth noting that apps – often the largest consumer of space on a smartphone – cant actually be installed onto the card.