Nearly One in Five Brits Consume Magazines on their Tablet

19 per cent of Brits consume magazines on their tablets, according to research from lekiosk, creator of an iOS and Android newsstand app – thats nearly one in five people, compared to just one in 20 a year ago. 

By comparison, 53 per cent of UK consumers have bought and read digital magazines on any device, with the PC still being the most common method (19.5 per cent), and smartphones not too far behind (12.2 per cent).

That 20 per cent of tablet magazine consumers is made up 14 per cent of consumers who buy magazines on a single-issue basis, and six per cent who have taken out a digital subscription.

“When it comes to reading magazines, the future is digital – and the hardware that’s taking us into that future is the tablet,” said Nathaniel Philippe, co-founder of lekiosk. “Crucially, the magazine publishers that reap the biggest rewards from the digital magazine reading revolution will be those that innovate on the traditional magazine subscription model – and on the existing digital magazine format.

“It’s clear from our research that a high proportion of British consumers want reading a digital magazine to feel like reading a print magazine, albeit with certain added, interactive features – like adverts they can click on and videos they can watch. Publishers need to start working on these new formats now: the UK’s love affair with the magazine is as alive as ever – but digital magazines have never been as much a part of that as they are now.”