Nearly Two Thirds of Mobile Games Revenue Comes from 0.23 Per Cent of Players

Screenshot_2015-04-10-16-47-1864 per cent of all revenue generated free-to-play mobile game comes from just 0.23 per cent of the players.

Thats according to a report from Swrve, based on user data from over 10m mobile gamers in January.

During the month, 2.3 per cent of those players made a purchase with real money, up from 1.5 per cent a year earlier. Of those paying customers, 20 per cent made five or more purchases, and the average monthly spend per player rose 33 per cent to $29.17 (£19.92).

The average time before the player makes their first purchase is also shrinking, down to 15 hours, from around 24 hours in 2014.

“We’re leaving the ‘acquisition phase’ of mobile, as developers realize that success is determined by what happens after the install,” said Swrve CEO Christopher Dean. “Although still reliant on a relatively small but growing number of players, there is a clear trend towards a broader payer base, and a more sophisticated approach to driving revenues.”