NearVerse Launches LoKast Media-sharing App

Mobile networking firm NearVerse has launched its first mobile application, LoKast, which allows users to share media between iPhones and iPod touch devices. The app is available for download from the Apple App Store here.
LoKast, short for local-casting, aims to eliminate the need for sharing content via physical media such as CDs or DVDs. LoKasters can share certain parts of their digital profile to those also using the app nearby. LoKast allows users to discover and publically view available digital profiles of others in the same area, similar to browsing for Facebook profiles, but targeting those who are physically around them.
Users download the app and then add photos, music, videos, contacts and web links to their personalized portal.  When a LoKast user is within 300 feet of another LoKast user, the app will automatically discover the other users and allow the user to view and download their  content. 
Unlike most location-based sharing services, there is no need for 3G connectivity, so LoKast works in subways, underground and heavily congested areas such as stadiums, where 3G connectivity can be unreliable.
NearVerse says that LoKast offers fans the opportunity to distribute exclusive content they receive at shows to others, becoming, in effect, a walking media distribution hub to help spread the content to others nearby.
LoKast is partnering with music distribution companies including The Orchard, IODA and Monalis 360 to provide users with featured and exclusive content within the LoKast app. Artists including The Boxer Rebellion, The Ruse, Bazaar Royale, BlackMahal and Katia have signed up to distribute featured and exclusive music and music videos to their audiences at live performances this month. Film production companies are also using the service to promote their new films.