NEC Handed LTE Brief

NEC has been selected by KDDI Corporation as a vendor for the development and production of wireless base stations for KDDIs planned 3.9G  LTE (Long Term Evolution) mobile communications systems.
LTE is a mobile communications standard that represents an advancement from HSDPA/HSUPA (High-Speed Download Packet Access/High-Speed Upload Packet Access) technologies. LTE systems are being developed in order to deliver high-speed data transmission rates of more than 100Mbps-downlink and 50Mbps-uplink, to improve latency and to enhance the efficiency of frequency use. LTE is currently moving towards standardization promoted by 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project ), a standardization body for mobile communication systems. 
NECs LTE wireless base stations are built in compliance with 3GPP mobile communications standards. In addition to featuring the worlds top level amplifier efficiency, the systems can be constructed and operated more efficiently by adopting a variety of new technologies, including SON (Self Organizing Network).
KDDI is now planning to introduce mobile phones equipped with LTE on KDDIs au network in Japan. The phones will support commercial services scheduled to launch in December 2012. In order to further maximize the efficient use of frequency, 800MHz and 1.5GHz LTE systems will be deployed, and measures are being taken to have national broadband mobile phone service covering 96.5% of Japan by the end of 2014.  
Looking forward, NEC says it is seeking to drive the development of LTE systems and to contribute to the construction of mobile networks through next generation communication systems.