NeoMedia Goes After Patent Revenues

Mobile barcode specialist NeoMedia Technologies has announced a partnership with Global IP Law Group, an elite law firm focused on unlocking the financial potential of intellectual property (IP). The alliance is designed to assist in the monetization and enforcement of NeoMedia’s IP, and extricate further value from its large patent portfolio, which consists of over 60 issued and pending patents.

Global IP focuses on all aspects of monetizing intellectual property, particularly patents, through sales, licensing, and litigation. Over the last five years, its partners have obtained almost $5bn in closed and pending IP transactions, licenses and settlements for clients.

“Global IP Law Group is a leader in IP monetization, and partnering with them is an important step forward in driving value for our IP portfolio,” says NeoMedia CEO, Laura Marriott. “This partnership allows us to realize the potential of our efforts and innovations, further strengthening our existing partnerships. Mobile has become a key media channel for brands and agencies globally, and our IP and technology has been a key component.”