NeoMedia Hails Barcode Campaign Success

NeoMedia Europe AG, which specializes in mobile barcode and scanning technology, has announced the successful completion of a youth-focused mobile barcode project across Austria. The campaign, delivered in partnership with mobile marketing firm IQ Mobile on behalf of Austrian operator tele.ring, yielded a clickthough rate of 0.5%, which in turn led to a 51.3% download conversion rate.
The campaign launched in May 2009 with a series of attention-grabbing posters, encouraging students at 263 schools where the posters appeared to send a free text to download the NeoReader something which 250 students did in the first five days of the campaign. With this enabled, they were able to scan the barcode which appeared on the posters in order to connect directly to the campaign site, where they could access free mobile content such as ringtones and wallpapers.
Interestingly, with 75% of all clicks coming from non tele.ring handsets, the campaign proved successful in connecting tele.ring with an audience outside of its established customer base. Neomedia says the campaign was pivotal in extending the ubiquity of mobile barcodes and creating all-important ease of use. The secondary school demographic provided the optimum sounding board for the campaign, given students susceptibility to nascent tech trends and the popularity of ringtone downloads.
The results of the tele.ring campaign show the undisputed ease of adoption of mobile barcodes, not least for the youth market which is already mobile, alert and interested in new technologies and new ways of doing things, says NeoMedia CEO, Dr. Christian Steinborn. This is important in demonstrating how mobile barcodes are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the move towards opt-in pull marketing. The growing ubiquity of a tech-savvy consumer and advanced Smartphone technology will only do more to drive the market.