NeoMedia Helps NCPC Combat IP Theft

Mobile barcode solutions provider NeoMedia Technologies has helped the US National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) in the delivery of its IP Theft Prevention public education campaign. NeoMedia has donated the use of its barcode management and infrastructure solution to the NCPC, which will feature a mobile barcode in the campaign’s printed ads linking to an online video.

The IP Theft Prevention campaign, delivered by The Causeway Agency and launched at the White House, has been developed with the aim of combating the purchase and sale of pirated products, and educating the public on various forms of IP theft.

“Mobile barcodes, while a relatively new technique in the marketing tool kit, have already proven to be extremely effective in raising a deeper awareness with the public than a traditional print campaign can achieve on its own,” says Michelle Boykins, director of communications at the NCPC. “We’re thrilled to have the support of NeoMedia, The CauseWay Agency and US Department of Justice in making this campaign a success and are excited to see the results it will bring.”