NeoMedia Launches Mobile Barcode Whitepaper

Mobile barcode specialist NeoMedia Technologies has released its latest whitepaper, How to Create a Mobile Barcode Program.

The whitepaper examines everything that brands and marketers need to know and consider when implementing a mobile barcode campaign, from an overview of the ways in which mobile barcodes can be used, to how to plan for and achieve successful campaign performance. It includes advice on choosing the right mobile barcode partner, collateral design and campaign incentives for the consumer, as well as real world examples of great implementations.

“Mobile barcodes are poised to become a dominant cross-media campaign element, ushering in a new era of interactivity and one-to-one dialogue with the consumer,” says NeoMedia CEO, Laura Marriott. “When executed correctly, mobile barcodes become an enabler to unlock a relevant, dynamic, and interactive experience. Ensuring a good consumer experience, with every scan, will be vital for the continued growth and adoption of this essential mobile media element, so we felt it essential to provide the how tos for putting a mobile barcode-enabled campaign together.”

The whitepaper is the accumulation of NeoMedia’s expertise in mobile barcode scanning solutions and intellectual property. It is the second in a planned series of whitepapers aimed at educating brands and marketers, and follows on from the publication of 2D Barcodes – The Definitive Guide in November 2010, which explored the evolution of 2D barcodes and the different variations available in the market today.

You can download the whitepaper here.