NeoMedia Updates Mobile Barcode Guidance

Barcode scanning solutions company NeoMedia Technologies has updated its best practices for mobile barcode campaign deployment. The company first produced its berst practise guide in December 2010, as part of NeoMedias Definitive Guide to 2D Mobile Barcodes. The updated version has been expanded and updated with the latest industry experience to help marketers leverage mobile barcode technology, says NeoMedia Technologies.

“Best practices have long been essential to help brands determine how to successfully launch new technologies and ensure success,” says NeoMedia CEO Laura Marriott. “With the enormous growth in mobile barcode scanning amongst consumers worldwide and greatly increased deployment by brand owners, we felt that it was important for us to continue to lead industry standards by publishing this update to our established best practices.”

The best practises document covers campaign planning, design and placement, technology considerations, consumer education, and the successful use of analytics. 

To download the updated best practices, click here.