NeoMedia Whitepaper Looks at the Future of Mobile Coupons

NeoMedia Technologies, which specialises in mobile barcode scanning solutions, has launched the  latest whitepaper in its educational series. The Future of Mobile Couponing – Improving the Consumer Shopping Experience focuses on the increasingly crucial role that the mobile phone plays in the consumer shopping experience, offering brands and retailers new opportunities to reach their target consumers.

The whitepaper explores how a new generation of mobile coupon, which NeoMedia dubs the ‘smart mobile coupon’, can be incorporated as a key element of the marketing mix, giving brands and retailers the opportunity to improve on existing mobile coupons, reduce costs, better understand the consumer through analytics and tracking, and create a more personalized dialogue to drive additional product revenue. It also explains the evolution of couponing techniques, offers use cases for smart mobile couponing, and explains the technology involved.

“Ensuring a good consumer experience for mobile couponing, with every scan, will be vital for the continued growth and adoption of this essential mobile media element,” notes NeoMedia CEO, Laura Marriott.”

The whitepaper is the third in a planned series of whitepapers aimed to educate brands and marketers, and follows on from the publication of 2D Barcodes – The Definitive Guide and How to Create a Mobile Barcode Campaign. You can download it here.