Nest At Work on Second Generation Thermostat

Nest-Connected-Thermostat-M2M-Internet-of-ThingsGoogles smart home division Nest Labs has a new product in the pipeline which could be a new iteration of the smart thermostat that first saw it get acquired for $3.2bn (£2bn).

Filings with the FCC have revealed a few details about the product, including the fact that it is a wireless device, but the company has requested that the agency keep as much under wraps as possible, as is customary with this sort of regulatory filing.

While the description is fairly open to interpretation, especially given Nests wide remit in developing smart home devices, there are a few clues which suggest the new device will be an updated version of its smart thermostat, which was first released in 2012.

Nest has already revamped several of its existing products, including its security camera and smoke alarm. The thermostat is due to be revitalised with a new version, and it would be appropriate to make it the first new product released following Nests move to under the Alphabet umbrella as part of Googles corporate reshuffle.

Two other clues point towards the device being a thermostat. The devices information label, which was registered as part of the filing, is round, similar to the existing puck-shaped thermostat.

Also, the products ID code (ZQAT30) is similar to the existing thermostats (ZQAT20), suggesting an advancement on an existing design. A similar approach was seen between the original smoke alarm (ZQAS10) and the newer version (ZQAS30).