Nests new camera uses facial recognition tech to know whos who

Nest Cam IQAlphabet-owned home automation company Nest has unveiled an indoor security camera to keep an eye on the goings on in your household.

The Nest Cam IQ uses an eight megapixel 4K image sensor, 12 times digital zoom and enhance, and high dynamic range (HDR) imaging. It also features a night vision mode, through two 940nm infrared LEDs, and a three-microphone array with noise suppression and echo cancellation.

Despite these hardware features, it is the ‘intelligence’ of the camera that the Nest team hope will make it stand out from the rest.

“When designing Nest Cam IQ, we focused on what we’ve learned from our customers, which is that people don’t want more information, they want insights,” said Matt Rogers, Nest co-founder and CPO. “So, we combined intelligence with excellent image and sound quality to deliver the insights customers need, at the right time. These insights can range from telling you the kids are home from school to sending an alert if an unfamiliar person is in the living room.”

The Cam IQ can identify if there’s a person within its field of view, rather than a pet or a shadow, and send an alert with a zoomed-in photo to identify the person. It also offers ‘supersight’ through the app, which provides the user with a 130-degree view of the room and close-up tracking view of the person in the home.

Nest Aware customers can receive familiar face alerts through the camera’s facial recognition learning technology that can be taught to differentiate between family members and strangers. In addition, audio alerts can notify people about the things the camera can’t see.

The Cam IQ is available for pre-order in the US at the price of $299, in the UK for £299, and in France, Netherlands, Belgium and Republic of Ireland for €349. Pre-orders begin in Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain on 13 June.