Netatmo adds Apple HomeKit support for its cameras, and new way to control your heating

Tyrone Stewart

Netamo Apple HomeKit Smart ValveFrench Smart home company Netatmo has added Apple HomeKit support and Siri control to its security cameras, while introducing Smart Radiator Valves to reduce their energy bills.

The Presence and Welcome security cameras being made compatible with HomeKit enables the owners of the cameras to control them direct from their iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Furthermore, users can now ask Siri to show the area they want to monitor via a livestream from the cameras, as well as asking Siri to activate, deactivate or modify Presence’s smart floodlight intensity just by voice.

Users can also use the addition of HomeKit support to connect the Presence and Welcome cameras to other smart home devices through customised scenarios.

Presence will become compatible with HomeKit later this autumn, while Welcome will be compatible at the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Smart Radiator Valves enable users to control their heating on a room-by-room basis, meaning they reduce their energy budget.

The Valves are fitted to hot water radiators to regulate the temperature of each room on a heating schedule. The temperature of each room is controlled via the app.

They are fitted by removing the old thermostatic radiator valve and installing the Valve with an adaptor provided, without having to bleed the radiator.

The Valves are compatible with both the HomeKit and Google Home, and are available for £69.99 each at John Lewis, Cefco, Maplin, ShopUK, Amazon and the Netatmo website, as well as the professional retailers Plumb Center, CEF and Graham.

The Netatmo Energy app is available on both Android 4.2 onwards and iOS 9 onwards, while the Netatmo Smart Valves web app is available on Mac and PC.