Netatmos Smart Thermostat Just Got a Little Smarter

Netatmo thermostatNetatmo has updated its Thermostat for Smartphone offering with four new features. The first is an online energy savings calculator, which enables users of the Thermostat to work out how much it will save them on their energy bills. To do so, users answer five questions relating to the type of house they live in; the year it was built; the type of heating installed; and their previous energy costs.

The second is a more detailed Energy Savings Report (ESR) to help users better understand their energy consumption. The new ESR helps to understand the discrepancies in consumption from one month to the next. It indicates the boiler’s running time and the related events that led to a rise or fall in consumption. It provides users with details of the amount saved and compares this with those of similar households. The report aims to enable users to further optimise their heating and is emailed to Natatmo customers monthly.

Netatmo has also added IFTTT (If This Then That) compatibility to its Thermostat, which means users can connect the device to other connected devices or apps. They can then set customised rules or combinations of possible actions (called “recipes”), across the devices. For instance, a user could set a recipe to have their lights turn off when the Thermostat Away mode is activated; have the heating switch off when it’s warm outside; or receive an email or text alert if someone changes the temperature.

Finally, Netatmo has introduced an auto-care connected maintenance service, which detects issues with the boiler and immediately notifies the user.

The Netatmo Thermostat sells for £149 via the Netatmo website, and selected retailers, including John Lewis, Maplin, and Amazon.It’s also available through EDF Energy for £199 including free installation. Users who install the device do not need to change energy supplier or tariff.