Netbiscuits and Akamai in Mobile Web Partnership

Mobile site and app developer Netbiscuits is partnering with Akamai Technologies, which provides cloud optimization services, to deliver optimized mobile web solutions. The two companies will collaborate to design a mobile web publishing solution that is delivered as a mobile site, hosted by Netbiscuits, and delivered through Akamai’s global platform.

The companies says that they expect mobile sites published via the Netbiscuits platform to be able to leverage the Akamai Intelligent Platform to enable better device intelligence, improved performance, and greater reliability into the delivery of these sites.

For mobile site owners, the companies says their partnership will provide greater flexibility and control of how content is viewed by mobile users. As a result, companies leveraging the platform combination will have the ability to publish mobile web sites that perform under load, helping to increase end-user satisfaction.

“The user experience of a mobile site is essential to a successful mobile program,” says Netbiscuits CEO, Michael Neidhoefer. “The integrated solution we are creating with Akamai will be designed to improve the mobile end-user experience, as well as provide a comprehensive solution not currently available in the marketplace.”

With mobile queries growing nearly three-fold between 2009 and 2011 (according to Google), many businesses are still not prepared to effectively reach an end user audience increasingly dependent on connected devices. In addition, according to a July 11 survey from Equation Research & Compuware, consumer expectation of how mobile sites will perform continues to rise. The survey revealed that 71 per cent of mobile web users now expect page load times ‘almost as fast’ or ‘faster than’ when accessed from laptop or desktop computers – up from 58 per cent two years ago.

“Organizations are looking for a variety of options when it comes to a scalable mobile platform,” says Akamai president, David Kenny. “We believe the Netbiscuits platform provides a comprehensive solution for multi-screen optimization, and we look forward to working with them as we strive to provide a greater user experience across mobile and connected devices.”