Netbiscuits Launches Device and Context Service

Netbiscuits has launched its Device and Context Service, which it says enables brands to seamlessly deliver a consistent mobile web, with native, app-like experience to customers using HTML5.

Device Context Service is a cloud-based device detection and intelligence service. It combines device and server-side information to provide what Netbiscuits claims is the most accurate and detailed profile of the connecting device, enabling more targeted content and the best possible customer experience.

For every device connecting to a website or application, the service captures anonymous device-specific information based on fixed and new dynamic parameters delivering contextual data of device capabilities and use at given points in time. This intelligence about device functionality, browser, OS, and user behaviour means mobile experiences are optimised for a user’s device.

The combination of device-specific capabilities, contextual and user-related device information, and HTML5 technology, enables brands to deliver a mobile web experience comparable to native apps, but one accessible to every user, regardless of device. It enables enterprises to build a universal web strategy that uses the same web application for PC to smartphone to tablet, yet delivering a customised presentation layer based on device information. This, says Netbiscuits, saves companies development time and cost, yet is more scalable and easier to manage content change, while delivering a superior user experience customers and employees expect from mobile.

The Device Context Service will play a key role in driving innovation on the mobile web, says Netbiscuits, enabling the creation of next-generation mobile websites and hybrid apps, whilst accelerating the move towards a truly universal web.

“The consumerisation of IT means that customers and employees now have higher expectations than ever on application user experiences,” said Daniel Weisbeck, Netbiscuits’ chief officer of marketing and product strategy. “Previously, this was only possible with native apps based on proprietary device OS solutions. But this is not cost effective for large companies to build or manage across all the devices available. HTML5 is the standard enterprises are using to move away from native mobile apps but to truly deliver a native experience, you also need access to device information and context to ensure every customer receives a consistent yet bespoke to device capabilities web experience.”

The Device Context Service functionality has been a core part of Netbiscuits’ end-to-end offering for the last 12 years, but with this release, for the first time, the platform has been opened up for direct access by brands via open web standards, along with new features to simplify and speed up access to device information. It is now accessible using any web framework employed by an enterprise.