Netbiscuits Launches Device Rooting Tool, Opens The Vault

NetbiscuitsNetbiscuits has launched its cloud-based Device Routing tool, which detect the users devices and redirects them to the appropriate version of a website, across four pre-configured categories – smartphone, feature phone, tablet and PC.

Routing can be integrated into sites with a single line of JavaScript code, embedded in the header, as an alternative to responsive design for sites which already have legacy mobile-optimised sites.

Netbiscuits has also rebranded its device library as The Vault. This consists of over 8,000 device profiles, with info on screen size and display resolution, as well as whether the device is video-ready, whether it has a touchscreen, and how powerful its processor is, for further optimisation of the users web experience.

“The explosion of mobile devices and the huge range of potential experiences open to consumers based on the capability of such devices can be a daunting prospect for brands developing their websites for mobile use,” said Daniel Weisbeck, CMO and COO, Netbiscuits.

“The term ‘mobile experience’ is not a singular category, but must take into account the different devices, operating systems and other variables that make mobile such a rich, yet complex landscape. Yet, with the right tools and information, marketers and developers can better understand the capabilities of their visitors’ devices and ensure the content and experience served up matches the device.”