Netbiscuits Launches Free Mobile Analytics and Device Detection Tools (Video)

Mobile web specialist Netbiscuits has made its Mobile Analytics and Device Detection tools available for free, to businesses of any size. The solutions were previously available on a paid-for basis. The Detection tool launched a year ago, the Analytics tool last autumn.

The tools are now available on a freemium basis – free up to a threshold of a certain number of monthly impressions/detections, with tariffs kicking in thereafter. The Analytics tool, for example, is free for the first 10,000 monthly impressions, then costs $175/month for between 10,000 and 1m monthly impressions, with higher fees for more monthly impressions.

The Mobile Analytics tool delivers insight into the devices being used to access a mobile site, enabling the user to drill down into device type, OS, manufacturer, model and browser type. It can also show users which devices are responsible for delivering the most traffic on a country-by-country basis.

The platform also reveals which devices being used to access the site support advanced HTML standards and can support high- or low-resolution video formats (or no video), image carousels etc. It can also identify the times of day people are accessing the site, and the quality and bandwidth of the connection.

Speaking to Mobile Marketing today, Netbiscuits director of product marketing, Anthony Payne, said the tools allowed users to build a profile of the visitors to their site and create personas based on their behaviour on the site.

“If you ignore the visitor’s context and treat someone with a small screen and poor connection the same as someone on a better device with a better connection, you are missing a trick,” he said.

The Device Detection tool enables marketers and IT teams to identify the types of device accessing a site in real time, together with their capabilities, in order to serve appropriate content. So a device capable of running high resolution video would be served such content; a device that can’t, won’t.

Theres more information in the video below…