NetBiscuits Platform Powers IBM Smarter Cities Site

Netbiscuits, a software service for the creation and operation of mobile websites, has revealed that marketing and communications firm Ogilvy has used its mobile publishing platform to set up the IBM Smarter Cities mobile site.
The IBM mobile portal, created by Ogilvy Paris, will serve the UK, Italy, France and Germany and is designed to provide a wireless destination where public sector leaders, C-level executives, and members of the public, can find out more about IBM's vision of Smarter Cities part of IBMs Smarter Planet agenda.
By 2050, 70% of the worlds population will live in cities, giving them an ever greater influence in shaping the future of our planet. The Smarter Cities mobile site shows how smart cities can become more efficient, productive, and improve citizens lives, by addressing key topics such as transportation, public safety, sustainability, healthcare, development, and education. The site will contain interactive features such as a video gallery and map views of existing smarter cities, as well as the possibility to directly connect to IBM. The content is formatted to be viewed from anywhere, through any mobile device.