Netbiscuits Shell Apps – The Site Within an App

Netbiscuits has launched 'Shell Apps', a solution that enables allows browser-based mobile websites to be embedded into downloadable client apps. The company says that the Shell Apps, for iPhone, Symbian, WindowsMobile, and Android handsets, offer additional functions and open up new distribution channels for mobile web services.
Making contents and services available to your customers on mobile phones up to now used to mean choosing between a mobile website and a client application, says Netbiscuits Managing Director, Michael Neidhoefer. Both channels have their specific advantages: a Netbiscuits-based website is displayed optimized on nearly all mobile devices. An app enables additional functions and can be very successfully distributed via App Stores, like on the iPhone.
According to Neidhoefer, Netbiscuits now combines the best of both worlds. The basis is a mobile website that, thanks to Netbiscuits, is automatically optimized for nearly all devices worldwide. This website gets embedded into a shell application that supports other functions, such as the ability to save content or access native mobile phone applications suchg as camera, GPS, etc. Shell Apps are available for Netbiscuits customers using iPhone, Symbian, WindowsMobile, and Android handsets. They can also be offered via respective App Stores for either free or paid download.
Countless discussions have shown that our customers want to unite the best of both worlds, adds Neidhoefer. With our App Embedded Website concept, we've found a way to offer them just that. This solution not only offers a quick way to present all content and services in the highest possible quality on nearly all mobile devices worldwide. It is also a basis for functionally expanded client applications that run on all the leading platforms and open up the App Store distribution channel.
In order to provide its customers with additional support, Netbiscuits is partnering with independent mobile app store GetJar, which is offering free listing of Netbiscuits-based Shell Apps and websites. GetJar also offers the ability to create Site Shortcuts for mobile sites that are installed as an icon on a mobile devices desktop to open the corresponding mobile website with just one click.