Netbiscuits Unveils SMS Couponing Tool

Netbiscuits, a web software platform for the creation, publication, and monetization of mobile websites, has launched a mobile couponing solution. The Messaging and Couponing Tool, which will go live in October, allows the creation of SMS-based mobile coupons that enable Netbiscuits customers to deliver couponing campaigns to their end customer base easily and efficiently. Coupon messages can be seamlessly combined with, and linked to,  interactive mobile web content and services, marketing campaigns, and m-commerce sites.
The solution offers two ways of delivering coupons. End users can request coupons by sending a text with a keyword that can be defined by Netbiscuits customers. In return, a response SMS with a coupon code is sent out. Alternatively, Netbiscuits users can send text messages to a subscriber list, which can be set up on the Netbiscuits platform. Each outgoing SMS contains a dynamically-generated coupon code.
Netbiscuits mobile couponing solution permits the creation of static, incremental, and random codes, consisting of numeric, alphabetic, or alphanumeric characters, and optional static pre- and postfixes.
Coupon expiration dates can be added to the text message, in order to make end users aware of the limited lifetime of a campaign. The expiration date can either be fixed or variable, and will automatically be added to the coupon message. In case of fixed expiration, the validity ends at a certain day and time. A variable expiration means that the validity ends after a configurable period of months, days, hours, or minutes after individual coupon delivery. Both options can be openly defined, and allow for the selection of international time zones and various localized date patterns.
Coupon codes will be stored in the Netbiscuits database for reporting purposes, and to facilitate future extensions like the coupon code validity check and invalidation; the delivery of coupons in various barcode formats; and the upload of coupon codes generated by customers.
Netbiscuits Messaging and Couponing Tool will be available initially in the UK, Germany, France, Australia, and the US. Netbiscuits says that additional markets will be supported soon. Messaging service providers connected to the tool include mBlox, Ericsson IPX and Sybase365.