Netflix Brings Black Mirror App into Reality

Alex Spencer

Black Mirror Rate MeGiven recent events, you've likely heard – or seen on social media – asking whether the entirety of 2016 is some kind of viral marketing scheme for satirical sci-fi programme Black Mirror, which recently brought its third series to Netflix.

That's something the show's official Twitter has been toying with – following the US election result today, it tweeted "This isn't an episode. This isn't marketing. This is reality." – and Netflix has taken it one step further with RateMe, the fictional app that is the focus of the first episode of the series, "Nosedive".

To promote the show, Netflix has launched a real-life version of RateMe as a basic web app that generates a 'rating' screen, displaying the user-provided handle with an accompanying avatar and score. It doesn't pull any data from real social media accounts – the score and avatar are randomised – but the resulting image can be shared over Twitter or Facebook.

There's also a banner ad for the fictional Reputelligent company at the bottom of the screen, which when clicked leads to Black Mirror's listing on Netflix.