Netsize mPayment Tops 300m

Mobile commerce and communications enabler Netsize has revealed that the total value of transactions billed through Netsize mPayment, its mobile and online billing solution, reached 300 million in 2008, a new high for the company. Netsize mPayment processes more than 25 million transactions each month, covering more than 100 mobile operators in 28 countries. The company says it has seen an 800% year-on-year growth in transaction volumes, mainly due to growth in mobile Internet and WAP services.
The automatic and transparent consumer authentication makes mobile purchasing easy and avoids users having to open an online account, says Netsize Chairman and CEO, Stanislas Chesnais. The secured transaction is initiated from a single click without entering sensitive data.
The mPayment solution also includes an analytics component. mPayment Analytics provides customers with a billing and payment dashboard with three statistics views. The summary view shows the key performance indicators, such as revenue and transaction quantity, split by country and handset model. The real-time statistics view shows all processed transactions, allowing users to filter by up to 20 criteria.  The customized statistics view enables users to build the view by service, country, operator, or business model (subscription or pay-per-use).