Networks Embrace Streaming Video with Partnerships

john legere netflix announcementMobile networks are embracing the popularity of streaming video with new partnerships on both sides of the Atlantic aimed at encouraging customers to watch television and film through their mobile devices.

In the UK, O2 has announced it will act as the official brand partner of Channel 4s relaunched streaming service All 4, which replaces 4OD at the end of the month, providing multi-platform sponsorship throughout 2015.

O2 will deploy a pre-roll video campaign across on-demand streams on all platforms, as well as branding appearing on the All 4 services across many commercial TV platforms, while O2 Priority customers will be able to access 10 of Channel 4s top series 48 hours early, including Peep Show, Fresh Meat and Made In Chelsea.

“This collaboration with O2 is the most exciting digital partnership in Channel 4s history,” said David Amodio, digital and creative leader at Channel 4. “It was crucial to launch All 4 with the right brand – and as All 4 makes all Channel 4 content, whether live or on-demand, available to watch on mobile devices, O2 is the ideal partner.”

Meanwhile, in the US, T-Mobile is offering customers who purchase Samsungs new Galaxy S6 from the mobile network a years free subscription to video streaming service Netflix.

The promotion was announced on Twitter by T-Mobile CEO John Legere, and followed up with sponsored Twitter ads. A spokesperson for the network has said that more details on the offer will arrive later this week.

T-Mobile has previously attracted subscribers with media deals in the form of its Music Freedom package, which offers customers a variety of streaming music services for free, and has been cited as a major reason behind consumers joining the network.