Neura launches on Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Customer intelligence firm Neura has launched its Real-World Audiences and Events app for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The app enables customers to build custom audiences using behavioural traits, trigger journeys and automations at real-world moments, and also to analyze user behaviour to create tailored, behaviour-driven campaigns directly from Marketing Cloud.

Research conducted by Accengage found that, on average, smartphone users click on only 7.8 per cent of the standard time-based push notifications they receive in mobile apps.

Neura believes that one of the key reasons for such a poor engagement rate is that messages are often delivered when users are unavailable to engage – for example when they are sleeping, working, driving, or otherwise occupied.

Neura’s tech does not use time-based notifications, but instead, attempts to engage with users during real moments in their life, such as when they wake up in the morning, begin a commute to work or home, or complete a workout.

The app also enables users to build custom audiences using real-world behavioural traits, to create personas such as ‘Hard Worker’, ‘Frequent Traveler’, ‘Sleep Deprived’, or ‘Avid Runner’. It also enables users to analyze every step of the customer journey within Marketing Cloud, to gain insight into which types of users use the app, and in which real-world situations they engage with specific features.

“Neura fundamentally changes the way digital products interact with people,” said Neura CEO, Amit Hammer. “I’m especially excited about this AppExchange app, as it can enable us to empower marketing and product teams to engage one-to-one with their users, at scale, by leveraging real-world engagement opportunities across the entire customer lifecycle.”

Built on the Salesforce Platform, Neura is currently available on AppExchange here