Neuralitic Launches SevenFlow Profiling Engine

Neuralitic Systems, which provides mobile data monetization and big data solutions, has launched its SevenFlow Profiling Engine, which will form part of its SevenFlow Solution Suite. The company says the SevenFlow Profiling Engine can create new revenue streams for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) by enabling the delivery of highly targeted and relevant content, including advertising, to mobile subscribers.

The SevenFlow Profiling Engine enables CSPs to exchange anonymous subscriber profiling information in real-time with registered partners, such as ad agencies and ad networks.

To date, says Neuralitic, the ability to benefit from mobile big data has proven to be a challenge for CSPs, due to a lack of technology and expertise to handle large volumes of subscriber data. It says the new solution solves this issueby generating accurate subscriber groups and profiles from CSPs’ data, that can be used to create monetization opportunities for the mobile ecosystem.

Once CSPs install the SevenFlow Profiling Engine onto their network, they can partner with ad agencies or ad networks to define the subscriber segments they want to reach, based on contextual and behavioural criteria. The solution works alongside SevenFlow’s Knowledge Portal, which analyzes mobile subscriber usage, to discover opted-in subscribers on the operator’s network that demonstrate specified behaviours and data patterns.

There’s a video explaining how the solution works here.