Neustar Achieves Messaging Milestone

David Murphy

NeuStar has revealed that it has reached a milestone in the development
of mobile Instant Messaging (IM) globally, having delivered 3 billion
mobile IM messages across its servers. NeuStar is a leading provider of
mobile IM services to 29 mobile operators in 20 countries.

NeuStar Next Generation Messaging Allen Scott says the achievement
marks a significant step toward mobile IM becoming a mainstream mobile
application and  core service offering.

It has taken just over a year to reach this milestone, and we know
from the growth of IM in recent months that activity is accelerating in
terms of both the number of messages and the number of active users
worldwide, says Scott. The mobile industry has been incredibly
dynamic for the last 20 years, but the take-up of mobile IM from a
standing start has exceeded that of all previous mobile applications.

NeuStar mobilises traditional Internet-based IM solutions, such as
Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger, and enables operators to
launch their own advanced mobile messaging services.