Neustar Reveals Interactive Framework Vision

NeuStar, which provides next-generation messaging, addressing, and network infrastructure to some of the worlds leading mobile network operators and ISPs, has unveiled its vision for Interaction Framework (iF) services, which the company says will enable mobile users to manage their identities, profiles, and social interactions within one simple-to-use, integrated, and secure framework.
NeuStars iF services will allow users to control their mobile communications experiences with ease, bringing together a users presence-enabled contact list, profile and identity in a single application.
NeuStar says its introduction of iF services will benefit mobile phone users, mobile operators and developers. Mobile users will have one central point through which they can access all presence-enabled contacts from phone numbers to email addresses, Instant Messaging (IM) addresses, and identities from various web and social networking sites. Users can manage their identities and provide information on their communications preferences at any time. Further, users can set different identities for different groups, and can restrict access to certain information to trusted contacts, for example.
Mobile operators will be able to presence-enable and integrate existing mobile services such as text, IM, work and social networking, and gaming. As users start to access new services, operators can integrate them into the framework quickly and easily, says NeuStar, giving users faster access to services from one single trusted point on the device, and driving increased use of services.
For developers, whether they are building a new capability or augmenting an existing one, they can be assured that their services will be integrated into a framework that can be accessed by more than half a billion mobile users worldwide. NeuStar points out that its existing mobile IM solutions are currently live with more than 30 operators globally, and says it will be launching a developer program to support this community.
Our iF services represent the natural evolution of mobile IM today, says Allen Scott, General Manager of NeuStar Next Generation Messaging. We are developing an advanced communications environment that will enable operators to extend their services and launch new ones easily, thus making the user experience simple and intuitive.”
According to Scott, NeuStars iF services aim to give people total control as to who contacts them and when. Simply by looking at the mobile phones contact list, a user will see if a particular person wants to communicate and if so, by what means.
The value for the mobile industry is immense. We are developing an environment that enables all players to enhance how people interact, and to roll out new mobile services quickly and easily. The iF environment takes presence information and other prominent features of mobile Instant Messaging and integrates them into any and every mobile application. The iF services are NeuStars latest contribution to making the Internet experience mobile in the best possible way for the consumer.”
NeuStars mobile IM customers include Vodafone, 3, Orange, Telecom Italia, Turkcell and Beeline. Building on its success and experience in the market since 1999, NeuStar has developed its services, working with operators and their users through focus groups, user forums and research campaigns to provide a service that meets operators demands and service models.