New F1 Season Accelerates Racing Game Download Numbers

Demand for mobile racing games has surged in the last month, according to statistics from mobile ad network BuzzCity

Data from its mobile gaming site Djuzz ( reveals a sharp increase in racing game downloads. GTS World Racing had 4,700 downloads per day in March, compared to less than 100 daily downloads in January.

BuzzCitys CEO KF Lai comments “Since Djuzz launched last year, motorsports games have appealed to our audience and downloads have been on the increase. With the start of the F1 season this week, this upward curve looks set to continue, as fans reignite their interest in the sport via these games.” 

According to Djuzz, the countries that have been most active in downloading motorsports games are India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Vietnam and S. Africa. In February, these countries generated more than 1m downloads of racing games, and more than 900,000 by the third week of March

Djuzz is an ad-supported free mobile games portal that has delivered 49.5m games in the past year, according to BuzzCity. Games from Djuzz are syndicated globally to generate advertising revenue.