New Live-streaming App Launched by Former Facebook Live Manager

alively live stream app
Vadim Lavrusik, former product manager of Facebook Live, the companys live-streaming video product, has launched his own live video app, Alively, which focuses on narrowcasting.

The app enables users to share video with selected friends and family members, either through the Alively app or via the mobile web for those following on desktop or without the app on their phone (which will include all Android users at the moment, as the app has launched on iOS only so far).

While the app markets itself as live-streaming, it in fact places a delay of 10 to 30 seconds on broadcasts, which enables it transmit in much higher quality than many other live-streaming services. Videos are stored in the cloud, enabling users to revisit them without using up memory on their mobile.

The launch is a public beta for US users only, with Lavrusik and company seeking feedback from users at the same time as they aim to build an audience.

“We want to make it easy and fun to capture and share those everyday moments as they happen with friends,” wrote an Alively spokesperson in a blog post announcing the launch. “We think the best way to do that is through high quality, privately shared live video, so friends can share and experience that moment with you as if theyre there.”

The focus on narrowcasting rather than creating a video feed that anyone can access could give Alively a unique selling point among the range of live-streaming tools that are being launched from both established players and new companies, but also raises the question of how Alively plans to monetise its service once its initial seed funding from invesotrs like Greylock, SV Angel and Forever 21 founder Alex Ok runs out.

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