New Social Network Boxego Aims to Become a “Digital Shoebox”

appartefactMarketing itself as an online journal first and social network second, the new launched Boxego platform aims to carve out a unique space in the social blogging marketplace.

Available either online or via an iOS app, Boxego features robust privacy safeguards so that notes, photos and videos can be shared with select groups of family or friends, rather than posted for the public. It also includes a Future Share function, where users can choose exactly when content becomes available to others, suggesting parents building journals of their childrens lives that are shared on their 18th birthday or couples sharing poignant memories on anniversaries as some of the potential uses.

“At Boxego, we understand that everyone has important memories that they want to keep private as well as those that they want to share,” said James Birrell, founder of Boxego. “Weve created a secure space where they can do both. Boxego is private by default but weve built in some incredible sharing options that give our users absolute control over what they share and when they share, now and in the future.

“Were really excited about our Future Share options. Its a totally unique concept that we think our users will love. Leaving digital love notes or messages and choosing when you want them delivered is a fun idea, and its useful when you cant be with someone on a special occasion.”