New York Times Launches Mobile Moments Ads

NYTThe New York Times is launching Mobile Moments, a mobile ad format intended to be more relevant to the time of day.

Available on the Times’ apps and mobile site, Mobile Moments will feature Screenplays, targeted short stories called created by T Brand Studio, the publisher’s commercial content group.

The launch is based on research which identified times of day when the Times mobile readers are looking for particular types of content, such as the Morning Briefing feature, which has proved especially popular on its apps.

“Mobile Moments is the first phase of a long-term mobile native advertising solution that will continue to evolve. Based on the success our newsroom has had with moment-based targeting for its journalism, the commercial side of our organization has adopted similar tools, templates and insights and tailored them to suit our advertisers’ needs,” said New York Times SVP, advertising and innovation, Sebastian Tomich.

“Our solution is three-fold: present bigger, better and more dynamic mobile creative; provide context for the mobile creative (where there is no adjacency); and tailor the mobile creative to the readers’ needs.”