New Zealand supermarket Countdown launches AR campaign to supercharge customer loyalty

New Zealand supermarket chain Countdown has launched its third AR campaign, Countdown Bricks Farm.

Countdown is blending the physical and digital worlds in a collectable campaign that encourages Kiwi kids to learn more about where their food comes from while also boosting customer engagement.

Brid Drohan-Stewart, Director of Brand at Countdown said: “With Countdown Bricks Farm we wanted to push the boundaries of customer engagement further, while also educating Kiwi kids about where their food comes from and the farmers who help grow it. We worked with Zappar again to deploy AR that embedded seamlessly into our myCountdown app to give our customers an engaging Countdown Bricks Farm experience alongside everyday functions like being able to build their shopping lists by aisle, scan their digital Onecard, get personalised specials and shop online.”

The program launched on 28th October and runs until 25th December 2022. The program rewards customers with free farm-themed building brick toys. During the campaign, customers are able to collect one Bricks Farm pack for every $30 spent, with 40 unique packs to collect. Collectors can also purchase additional items including Farmhouse Starter Kits, farmer figurines and farm vehicles to complete their Bricks Farm at home. Creative play with the collectable bricks and brand engagement is then enhanced through the myCountdown app where shoppers can also enjoy recipes, games and AR content.