Newly launched Juice service gives brands quick and easy access to short music tracks

A former TikTok exec has teamed up with music industry veterans to launch a music site that offers customizable ready-to-go tracks for social use.

Juice was created to meet the growing demand for music to accompany social campaigns on TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and other short form services. It also claims to lower some of the barriers involved in the process. As such, it streamlines the download UX and simplifies the legal complexity around digital licensing.

The services founders are TikTok creative licensing executive Rich Sica and commercial music industry veterans Jack Bradley and Aleena Bissett. They have assembled a network of composers and artists primed for short-form musical scoring.

Rich Sica said: “Social media has completely changed the content game for brands, but there is so much potential within that new landscape. With the possibility of reaching millions of eyeballs in less than 48 hours with constant organic engagement, the true reach of a carefully executed social campaign is truly invaluable.”

Jack Bradley added: “Music clearance is regularly a top challenge for brands when navigating the rapid production cycle for social media content. We are making the process as turnkey as possible with Juice by offering both exclusive, pre-cleared music and custom collaborations with our network of amazingly diverse and talented musicians. We understand that to be relevant on social media you have to be fast, but we know you can’t sacrifice creative synergy and copyright laws to make that happen.”