Newsweek, Kohls and More Partner with adMarketplace

admarketplaceSearch advertising was responsible for over $20.5bn in revenues in 2015, and while the majority is spent with big names like Google, Bing and Yahoo, the growth of in-app search is leading to an increasingly fragmented market.

adMarketplace, which specialises in intent-based search on individual publisher sites, is one of the largest independent search advertising marketplaces, and has just added several new publishers to its platform.

Newsweek, the International Business Times, Latin Times, Medical Daily and Kohls are all among the new publishers who will monetise user search intent using adMarketplaces customised search solution.

The firm has continued to develop bidding and pricing algorithms that help publishers monetise yield from search intent, and enable brands to generate incremental sales from customer on a wide variety of publisher sites, from commerce to news properties and more.

“Contemporary user search is less centralized,” said Jamie Hill, CEO of adMarketplace. “The average person moves all over the web and apps throughout the day. When they’re on a local shopping app like 5miles they’re expressing a different type of intent than a search on Newsweek or National Geographic, and the best way to understand these differences is performance data.

“We provide predictive pricing and data transparency on a single platform to price real time user intent across a broad spectrum of user behavior to ensure that advertisers are able to reach engaged users wherever they are searching.”

“adMarketplaces data platform enables us to show search results to users in a way that actually supports our ecosystem,” said Rick Cantu, general manager of 5miles. “Users get even more offers to compare, and we can show those offers intelligently without affecting our core business. Its a genuine win-win for us and our users.”