Nexage Launches Brand Protection for Mobile Ads

nexageNexage has announced a closed beta test of its Protect platform, which provides a rigorous set of controls for publishers and brands advertising on mobile.

For publishers, Nexage Protect offers block lists of specified advertisers, malware detection and ad screening for risky ads with one-click blocking. For advertisers, the platform gives impression-level transparency of spots where their ad will be placed, contextual data about linked content and privacy data to ensure compliance with opt-out requests.

“Today, a company’s brand image is inseparable from its ability to compete and win in the market,” said Victor Milligan CMO of the ad exchange. “Brands are central to forging an emotional bond with the consumer. As marketers embrace mobile more aggressively, they will look for exchanges that enable them to buy – or avoid buying – impressions based on how well the context (the site or app) aligns with their brand.”

Nexage has worked with Proximic, TRUSTe and The Media Trust to create the platform.