NEXD integrates its Campaign Manager rich media tools suite into Mediasmarts DSP

Noelia Amoedo, Mediasmart CEO

Mediasmart and NEXD have announced an integration of NEXDs  rich media tools directly within Mediasmart’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) dashboard to streamline the rich media creation process for the company’s customers.

By directly integrating NEXD’s self-service rich media ad creator, NEXD Campaign Manager, within Mediasmart’s DSP console, Mediasmart’s customers are now able to quickly create lightweight, engaging interactive ads using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

According to data from Statista, advertiser demand for rich media ads has grown year-on-year and this growth is forecast to continue for years to come. This trend has been driven largely by the mobile sector, an area that both Mediasmart and NEXD are heavily focused on.

Most rich media solutions use HTML5 to power their creatives, which the companies note has been a large factor in slow-loading pages and a limited range of creative options. This, in turn has fuelled the growth of ad blockers. NEXD has spent the last four years building a proprietary, rich media-focused ad framework – NEXD Engine – that it says is faster, lighter and allows for more creativity than HTML5.

“MediaSmart has always been very clear about its position within the mobile advertising ecosystem: full focus on advertisers and the buying process,” said Noelia Amoedo, Mediasmart CEO. “That’s why we’re delighted to announce the integration of NEXD Campaign Manager. With NEXD’s technology, Mediasmart can focus on delivering our advertisers the best the industry has to offer, without compromising the advertiser experience. We have been rolling out the integration for select partners from 20 May, with a view to opening up access to all our customers within the following couple of weeks.”

NEXD CEO, Erik Tammenurm added: “It’s been NEXD’s goal from the start to give much broader access to the kind of rich media creativity previously only accessible to a handful of agencies. At the same time, we also want to dramatically improve the audience experience, through faster, lighter, user-initiated interaction in ads. We have seen that opening a dialogue between the brand and the audience has much better results. By integrating NEXD Campaign Manager into MediaSmart’s DSP we have taken a huge leap towards achieving our goal of accessible rich media ad production for all.”N