Nexd helps Telmore to increase ad clicks by 200 per cent

Tyrone Stewart - Member Content

NexdTelmore, a Danish mobile virtual network operator, has been working with London-based ad tech company Nexd in order to ‘think smarter’ on the mobile advertising front.

In the past, Telmore purchased mobile advertising in line with desktop but, after entering talks with Nexd, realised there was potential to use creative technology for mobile advertising.

“We know that the mobile phone means everything in the consumer's behaviour and with the new strategic direction as the guiding star, we realised that we had an untapped potential to make things smarter on mobile,” said Jesper Haugaard, digital manager at Telmore.

Nexd offers SaaS-based easy-to-build high performance banner ads, claiming to deliver up to 10 times better click rate and engagement while being around a tenth of the size of any other solution on the market and able to run on any HTML5 compatible placement and programmatically.

Since teaming up, Telmore and Nexd have run a number of campaigns. The first saw them split test with regular mobile ads and found the new ad format performed five times stronger in terms of clicks. According to the pair, Telmore has been able to report an average performance increase of over 200 per cent for the last six months.

“Normally, you distinguish between branding and tactical communication. But the collaboration with Nexd has proven we can actually achieve both objectives at the same time,” concluded Haugaard.